Visualization is a technique used to mentally practice an exercise or series of actions without actually performing them. Visualization is popular among athletes of all disciplines including scuba divers.  A diver can identify areas that he may be deficient in or skills in which he needs to pay more attention by visualizing himself completing specific dive and equipment related tasks.

Regarding buoyancy, a diver may benefit from visualizing his breathing and the effects it has on his body and equipment while diving, paying particular attention to the effects that pressure has on the diver’s breathing and cadence.

To begin, the diver can draw from his past diving experiences as well as ask himself questions that will trigger visualization. For instance, “How is my equipment affected by increasing pressure as I descend?”

Visualization also helps to draw the emotions that one experiences while diving; and emotion, next to exertion, is a leading factor that determines breathing rate.

Further on in the text we will discuss exercises and techniques that may be useful when practicing visualization.


Advanced Open Water Diver