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You have now reached the end of your journey to becoming an SNSI Snorkeling Guide. You’re well-equipped with a wealth of information and theoretical knowledge, gained through diligent study of this SNSI Snorkeling Guide Manual and the knowledge checks you’ve completed. Additionally, your skills have been honed through practical exercises under the expert guidance of your SNSI Instructor. You are prepared to take the significant step into the world of professional diving.

Regardless of the motivations that led you to start and complete this course, remember that your SNSI Snorkeling Guide certification makes you an SNSI Member and a role model for many people. They will look up to you, seeking to emulate your achievements and aiming to reach the same level of expertise. Embrace the responsibility that comes with representing SNSI, knowing that you are part of a larger community. The SNSI is always here to support, assist, and advise you. Should you need guidance or help, do not hesitate to reach out to your SNSI Office.


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