Snorkeling at night offers a unique glimpse into marine life not visible during daylight, making it an intriguing and thrilling experience. Adapting to darkness is crucial, as snorkelers typically lack the night diving training that scuba snorkelers receive. Therefore, it’s essential to emphasize the correct use of flashlights during the pre-excursion briefing. Ensure snorkelers understand how to use their lights for both communication and safety in a night snorkeling excursion.
Remember to prioritize the clients’ well-being. Everything you’ve learned in this manual is crucial for building positive relationships with snorkelers and enhancing their enjoyment. This includes sharing interesting facts, highlighting marine life, and fostering a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Discreet Control
Hone your ability to subtly guide the group, making sure every participant feels valued and cared for without feeling overwhelmed.

Safety First
Make safety the top priority in every facet of excursion planning and execution. This encompasses conducting regular checks on the weather, assessing participant wellness, and verifying the condition of gear.

Environmental Education:
Foster a commitment to marine life and ecosystems among participants. Demonstrate environmental respect and protection through your actions, serving as a role model for responsible interaction with the underwater world.
Commit yourself to know the environment where you lead snorkelers, you need to be able to tell stories of the area they are visiting, names of the underwater life you encounter and curiosity about their habits.

Equipment for night excursion
In addition to standard snorkeling gear, night excursions require extra equipment to compensate for the lack of natural light. A critical tool for night excursion is a strobe flashlight, which emits regular flashes. Attach this to the buoy line 1 meter under the water to mark it.
Remind snorkelers not to look directly at the strobe flashlight to maintain their dark adaptation.
External lighting
When organizing a night excursion, it’s essential to consider also external lighting. Adequate lighting on the boat or shore is necessary for snorkelers to see and handle their equipment both before and after the excursion. This ensures safety and convenience during the preparation and conclusion of the excursion.
The allure of the night excursion is unique and, if conducted correctly, can leave snorkelers with unforgettable experiences. Skillful leadership during these excursions enhances the snorkelers’ experience and boosters your reputation and their trust in your abilities as a Snorkelinge Guide. Night excursions, with their special charm and challenges, offer an opportunity to create lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the underwater world.


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