The success of an excursion is significantly influenced by the equipment used – its type, quality, and condition are all critical factors. As such, ensuring that you have all the necessary equipment for the excursion you are planning is a key responsibility.
To prevent overlooking any essential piece of equipment, it’s highly recommended to use a checklist tailored to each type of excursion you will be leading. This checklist approach helps in organizing and verifying that you have all the required gear before embarking on the activity.
In addition to the standard snorkeling equipment, it’s imperative to be prepared for emergencies. This means having the appropriate gear and supplies not only for water emergencies but also for other situations, such as accidents on the boat or falls from rocks. Maintaining an emergency equipment list is a valuable practice to ensure you’re equipped to handle various potential emergencies.
For detailed information on managing emergencies, you should refer to chapter 3 of the SNSI Snorkeling Guide manual. This chapter will provide comprehensive guidelines and procedures for effectively dealing with emergency situations, reinforcing your ability to conduct safe and successful excursions.


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