As a Snorkeling Guide, the quality, condition, and features of your equipment are of paramount importance. Your equipment is not just essential for your own snorkeling experience but also plays a significant role in instilling confidence in the snorkelers you lead. Just as a ski instructor is expected to have well-maintained and appropriate gear, snorkelers look to their guide for a similar standard of equipment.

Wearing old or visibly worn-out gear can negatively impact the clients’ perception of your professionalism and reliability.

Considering the demanding nature of a Snorkeling Guide’s schedule, especially in resort areas where you might be conducting multiple excursions daily over several consecutive days, your equipment needs to meet specific criteria. Besides being up-to-date and well-maintained, your gear should be comfortable and of high quality to withstand the rigorous use.

Remember, as a Snorkeling Guide, you set the example for the clients in your group. This ensures a better experience for you and reinforces the snorkelers’ trust in your leadership and expertise.


As a Snorkeling Guide, it’s essential to be prepared for any equipment issues that might arise at the site. Carrying a personal toolkit and spare parts in your backpack is crucial to handle minor repairs and prevent snorkelers from missing an excursion due to simple malfunctions like a broken o-ring or fin strap. Here’s what should be included in a Snorkeling Guide’s toolbox and spare parts kit:

  • Plastic Ties.
  • At least one mask strap.
  • At least one snorkel as spare.
  • At least one mask as spare.
  • Anti-fog for mask or toothpaste that can be used instead.

Carrying this extra equipment might seem excessive, but snorkelers will judge your professionalism based on your ability to address the minor issues that can occur. Being equipped to “save” an excursion for someone dependent on your guidance and organization will demonstrate your commitment to taking care of other snorkelers and their needs. This level of preparedness not only ensures smooth snorkeling operations but also builds trust and respect among the clients you lead.


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