The pre-excursion briefing is a critical time for imparting information to all participants, highlighting essential concepts that will guide their behavior in-water. During the briefing, you must communicate all the rules, reiterate safety requirements, and detail the path and environment.

Key Elements of the Pre-Excursion Briefing:

  • Assign buddies: Emphasize that snorkeling is a buddy activity. Ensure everyone has a buddy and that pairs stay together throughout the excursion. Assign buddies if needed. In the case of an odd number of snorkelers, partner with the least experienced one.
  • Entry procedures: Suggest the most suitable entry method based on the site (boat, beach, rocks, etc.). Give advice but allow snorkelers the freedom to decide. A snorkeler’s choice to use a different entry method than suggested does not hold the Snorkeling Guide liable for any resulting injury.
  • Excursion Path: Suggest a route, providing a map or drawing.
  • Exit procedures: Suggest the best way to exit the water, considering the conditions.

The pre-snorkeling briefing is crucial because it significantly reduces your responsibilities as a Snorkeling Guide. It represents the final step in fulfilling your obligations regarding liability: every snorkeler should be fully informed about the main aspects of the excursion.
A Snorkeling Guide cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from snorkelers ignoring orders, warnings, or instructions, especially if those snorkelers act recklessly or are unruly.

The briefing must be conducted in an environment where you can command the full attention of all clients, ensuring they are focused and not distracted. It’s essential that during the briefing, everyone is solely attentive to your instructions without distractions from their surroundings.

After choosing an appropriate site based on the skill level of participants, ensuring all necessary equipment is prepared, and delivering a thorough briefing, most of your professional responsibilities are complete. What follows is the enjoyable part: experiencing and sharing the thrill and emotions of the excursion with your fellow snorkelers.


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