Who We are

SNSI is a company where a group of people work together as a family, dedicated to the welfare of others, the oceans and the environment.
We continuously develop and improve our training system because we are a dynamic, modern educational agency, dedicated to excellence exclusively in diving education.
SNSI is committed to excel in the services we provide by and the attention to details.

Our commitment is to highest quality of services and share the mutual goal of always doing what is best for Dive Centers, Instructors and their Students.

To provide an efficient and safe Training System is our Duty, that’s why we continuously implement the SNSI Training Material  to improve the training levels of divers all around the world.

The SNSI Brand signifies quality, professionalism and kindness, together we can share our philosophy with others and continue to grow our mission worldwide. SNSI Certifications are recognized worldwide with thousands of affiliate Dive Centers around the World.

With SNSI you are part of a family, because our members, our certified divers and friends comprise a diverse but dedicated group with a common goal.

They are always ready, to answer with enthusiasm when we launch new initiatives, in turn, they have confidence in us and feel free to share their ideas and feelings. Wether it is cleaning a beach a lake bed or protecting a reef, we do it as a family.
At SNSI you are a family member not just a number.
Join us!