Our History

SNSI born in 1995 when the first Recreational Course for teaching Nitrox to recreational divers was created. at that time no Recreational Course were available in the Diving Industry, Nitrox was considered a mixture tobe used by technical divers only. After few years all the top international training organization developed their own Nitrox Course for Recreational Divers.
That was the time when SNSI decided to develop its own entire Training System that was internationally recognized in 2000 with the approval of the RSTC membership, followed by the CEN certification that became later ISO certification.

By the time the Training System has been evolved to stay up to date with the latest diving equipment and available knowledges and technologies. Nowdays SNSI provides to its Dive Centers, Instructors and Divers all the Scuba Training Courses (Recreational and Technical) and Freediving Course as well to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Since 2000 SNSI has been the first training agency introducing Dry Suit Option and Nitrox Option in the Open Water Diver Program.

In 2013 SNSI is the first European Dive Training Agency to Cross the Ocean in the opposite way and present its Programs during the DEMA Show in Las Vegas. During 2014 SNSI expand its presence in more than 30 countries of Americas continents.

The SNSI Evolution never stop:

During 2016 SNSI Freediving has been added to the Training System with Courses from the beginner to the Instructor Trainer.

During 2018 SNSI again as first agency around the world introduce the use of the SNSI Buoyancy Bar during the entry -level programs. A very important training aids to improve the efficiency of training and protect the environment.