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Continue Your Freediving Adventure Experience.

The SNSI Advanced Freediver course trains you to improve your breathing techniques, discover new freediving methods.

Prerequisites: 15 years and be an SNSI Freediver or equivalent.

Academic Sessions: 4.

Pool or Confined Water Sessions: 4.

Open Water Sessions: 4.

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Enter a new Freediving dimension.

You will learn to reach greater depths, the right techniques for concentration and relaxation are fundamental. This course will help you discover a part of your inner self, which allows you to feel completely at ease with the surrounding environment, and comfortable within oneself.

Prerequisites: 18 years and SNSI Advanced Freediver or equivalent.

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Reach your maximum level as a Freediver.

Understand the physiological changes that happens to your body when you Freedive, how your muscles respond to the lack of oxygen and how to adapt to the physical changes. Learn the training methods to improve your techniques.

Prerequisites: 18 years and SNSI Deep Freediver or equivalent.

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