SNSI training System is Different

SNSI is actually the First and Only Training Agency that created a new method for the Instructors to teach the entry level courses.  Using the SNSI Buoyancy Bar Students practice and learn skills in Neutral Buoyancy.

A Unique Open Water Diver Course

The only Open Water Diver Course that offers the possibility of including Nitrox and/or Dry Suit Options.

The First Recreational Deco Diver Course

SNSI is the first Traing Agency that developed and offers the training required for Decompression Stops in a Recreational Course.

2 Free Apps

The SNSI MediaHub, a Free Library.
MySNSI provides you the convenience of always having your Digital C-Cards with you, on your smartphone.

All the Training Material Available for Download

All the SNSI Training Material is available for Free and the SNSI Professionals can distribute to anyone without the need to pay nor pre-registred the student.

Students Pre-registration is not required

SNSI Professionals do not need to pay nor pre-register their students. Students can Download for free MySnsi as well as the SNSI MediaHub.

Inventory Not Required

SNSI Professionals do not need to pre purchase Educational materials, it is made available to the Instructors for free.

No expense incurred if a Student abandons the course

Professional Members pay when they certify their students. In the event that a student abandons a course, the SNSI member does not incur any expenses with SNSI.

One Renewal Fee Only

SNSI Professionals pay 1 yearly membership fee despite the SNSI Line they are qualified to teach. If one is an SNSI Scuba, SNSI Freediving and SNSI Technical Instructor pays only 1 yearly membership fee.