SNSI Has All the Credits, Certifications and Qualifications and is Recognized Worldwide.
The SNSI training system complies with all the (ISO) International Standardization Organization norms and exceeds all the standards required to have its certifications recognized worldwide.

ISO Title

Introductory Training Programs to Scuba Diving
Diver Level 1 – Supervised Diver
Diver Level 2 – Autonomous Diver
Dive Leader
Instructor Level 1
Instructor Level 2
Requirements for gas blender training program
Requirements for training on environmental awareness for recreational divers
Requirements for training of recreational snorkelling guides
Training programs on enriched air nitrox diving

ISO Norms

ISO 11121
ISO 24801-1
ISO 24801-2
ISO 24801-3
ISO 24802-1
ISO 24802-2
ISO 13293
ISO 21417
ISO 13970
ISO 11107

SNSI Certified Equivalent Course

Experience Scuba
Scuba Diver
Open Water Diver
Confined Water Instructor
Open Water Instructor
Gas Blender
Ocean Guardian
Snorkeling Gude
Recreational Nitrox Diver

SNSI is committed to constantly updating its training materials and implementing the latest technology, regulations and meeting the changing demands of its Instructors and divers.

SNSI Is RSTC Member since 2000.

SNSI is recognized in all Countries form local authorities wherever a local approval is required.